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Action and secrecy combine to form this elite squad.

SWAT is an elite squad that preserves justice and security in the city. And, in this fourth entry in the saga, SWAT 4, you play a leader of the Special Weapons And Tactics: SWAT.

In control of this special unit of very well-prepared men, you must confront dangers and situations, immersing yourself into frenetic action in the fight against crime and chaos in your city.

The main functions and characteristics of SWAT are:

* Intense tactical action. Tension is the dominant element in SWAT 4. The right moves are more effective than a gunfight.

* The player´s experience is different each time you play or even repeat a level. The enemies aren´t always in the same place.

* A very intuitive command interface.

* Completely faithful to the whole SWAT saga playing style.

* There is a dynamic scene creator. Create and personalize your own missions to test yourself and your SWAT team. Modify mission objectives, the artificial intelligence of your rivals, of the civilians, etc.

* Multiplayer mode.


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